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Vote the Environment

“It is the work of this generation to make clear we reject the status quo – a race toward the destruction of our planet and the wild places we play in and love. We cannot sit idly by while large special interests destroy the planet for profit without regard for our children and grandchildren.”
--Rose Marcario, Patagonia CEO

Patagonia supports candidates who push hard for clean, renewable energy, restore clean water and air and turn away from risky, carbon-intensive fuels. We support leaders who will act on behalf of the future and the planet.

We face a great crisis: climate change, extinction, destruction of wild places. As Henry M. Paulson, Jr., former secretary of the Treasury, said in a New York Times Op-Ed, “This is a crisis we can’t afford to ignore… We can see the crash coming, and yet we’re sitting on our hands rather than altering course.”

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring out the vote in the midterm elections and who voted with the environment on your mind and in your heart. You are not alone!

According to a 2013 poll by Stanford University, 73 percent of Americans believe that the earth has been warming over the past 100 years, while 81 percent of Americans think global warming poses a serious problem in the United States. In addition, 81 percent think the federal government should limit the amount of greenhouse gases that American businesses can emit.”

Vote the Environment Design Project

For the last midterm election, Patagonia joined with the Creative Action Network and the Canary Project to run a crowd-sourced art campaign around the theme Vote the Environment. CAN and Canary run campaigns around causes, inviting artists to build collections of original, visual, meaningful art. The campaign was not a contest, we welcomed everyone to participate. Forty percent of the proceeds went directly to the artist, and thirty percent to HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters.

Canary received 375 original designs (and counting) from people all over the country. You see samples here. It became a growing creative community of artists & designers.

We have to keep the pressure on. That means being loud and visible in the streets, in town halls and our capitals, and in our elections. The forces that seek to destroy the world won’t stop. What they don’t realize is– we won’t stop, either.