Sci e snowboard

Siamo una comunità globale di sciatori e splitboarder uniti dalla passione per la neve e combattiamo per preservare le aree montane che ci definiscono.
Sci e snowboard da uomo
Sci e snowboard da uomo
Sci e snowboard da donna
Sci e snowboard da donna
  • Patagonia Action Works

    Cosa faresti senza l'inverno?

    Bisogna proteggere i giorni di polvere. Entra in contatto con gruppi locali e combatti la crisi climatica dalle montagne dietro casa.

    Forrest Shearer making the most of a low snow year in Alaska.
    Scott Dickerson

An ancient story written in rings

What Do the Winds Bring?

After surviving calamity in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, a few skiers return to COVID-19.

Kieran Brownie
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Ride Flat Pow

Changing our dynamics with the mountains can help us be in them longer, and appreciate them more.

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Ski-Touring Banff National Park with Two Teen Daughters

A group of four skiers moves methodically across the snow-covered Wapta Icefield ahead of me in single file connected by a thread-like rope—mothers on each end, Cheryl and Nan, and their two daughters, Roan and Sailor, in the middle. As Roan’s father and Cheryl’s husband, I’m tagging along on this five-day hut-based ski tour in…

Kennan Harvey
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Suffering for Solitude

Telegraph Creek, B.C. to Wrangell, Alaska by Ski and Kayak

Jasper Gibson
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Circumnavigating Crater Lake by Ski

Sampling the Offerings at Crater Lake “Go for Dirksen…” There was considerable static on my little two-way radio, but it was a small miracle we could hear Josh Dirksen at all. We hadn’t seen him since a dinner rendezvous two days prior in Bend. An agreed-upon radio channel and call time had actually worked, as…

Colin Wiseman
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The Sierra Snow Wolf: Snowboarder Nick Russell

On the west face of Mount Whitney, just off the summit of the highest peak in the lower 48, we had to traverse right. For us skiers it was no real issue, a bit of sidestepping and poling would do the trick. Yet, our group was comprised of both two sticks and singular planks, and…

Max Hammer
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The Punk Rockers of Ski Mountaineering

“The notion that there’s one dream that we’re all after, and agreed upon ways in which you can verify that you are indeed living that dream drives me crazy,” says Forest McBrian. “Everyone’s dream is a little bit different. If there is a dream that we all lust after, then we’re all just trying to…

The Dirtbag Diaries
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  • Quello per cui ho combattuto

    L'ex Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen si batte contro la distruzione dei luoghi incontaminati in cui un tempo ha prestato servizio.

  • Patagonia Action Works

    Proteggi il freddo

    Supportiamo i gruppi ambientalisti che si battono per proteggere l'inverno, gli ecosistemi montani e le comunità - e tu puoi unirti a noi.

    Adam Clark
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