• Damiano Bertolotti

Damiano Bertolotti

Enviro & Marketing Coordinator




Brunico, Italy

Damiano Bertolotti
"Inspiring other people or businesses with true stories is one of the greatest things we have the power to do."

Why do you work at Patagonia?
Because I share the company’s values.

Inspiring other people or businesses with true stories is one of the greatest things we have the power to do.

What is your favourite Patagonia product ever?
One of my favourites is the Storm Racer Jacket. It's an ultra-lightweight, three-layer, waterproof and super-packable jacket.

What is your favourite Patagonia environmental initiative?
The Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign. Why? Because we gave a global voice to the local communities fighting to save the last wild rivers of Europe.

What is the best thing about working at Patagonia?
The people. I really like all the people I get to work with.

Are you part of the environmental grants council? What’s your experience of this?
Yes, I joined the council in my first month at the company. It brings together 10 to 15 people from different departments, to talk and evaluate the environmental projects of NGOs across Europe that have been submitted for potential 1% For the Planet funding.

It's super interesting because you are debating and collaborating with different people, with different points of view to your own, and you can learn a lot.

What skills and traits do you need to succeed at Patagonia?
You have to be a nice person! You also have to be passionate about nature and outdoor sports - and naturally curious.

What are you passionate about?
First and foremost, music. I can't live without music. It has the power to fix a specific memory and instantly transport us back to a particular moment in time.

Other things I love include cinema, photography, gin, whisky and nature.

What has been your biggest adventure so far?
I love to spend time outside, exploring. With mixed results, I take part in a lot of outdoor sports. I just started cycling and have skied since I was four years old. I love all mountain sports, from climbing to hiking and trail running.

This summer I took a road trip around Scotland on my own. I started in Edinburgh, ended up in Glasgow and in between I spent 11 days exploring the Scottish Highlands. It was an amazing experience. Scotland is one of the most incredible, wild places I have ever been to, with great people, nature and, of course, whisky.

How has working at Patagonia changed you?
It has changed me a lot. I have discovered so many new things working closely with NGOs and grassroots organizations. I have explored a different way of doing business by telling real stories and using our power to do good and inspire individuals and companies. In the time I have worked for Patagonia I have grown and matured a lot. I'm more confident and I believe in myself so much more.

What is the life legacy you would like to leave?
Be passionate in what you do.