• Anne-Laure Lambert
  • Anne-Laure Lambert

Anne-Laure Lambert

Repairs & Quality Coordinator




Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Anne-Laure Lambert
I am sure I now do more to reduce the environmental impact in my daily work and life.

Why do you work at Patagonia?
I have known about Patagonia since I was 19 years old – about the values, the deep environmental engagement, and the social and labour protection. It is a company to look up to. I am thrilled to use my skills and knowledge from my studies and professional experiences to help Patagonia's efforts to protect the planet.

What is your favorite Patagonia environmental initiative?
Protecting our National Parks and really fighting for it. It’s a privilege to be in this land. I am proud of every action we do to protect nature to keep enjoying it through outdoor activities.

Also, the Worn Wear initiative is a huge one for me! I am a fan of this action as it is the way to make a garment last longer instead of buying a new one.

How has working at Patagonia changed you?
I realized how humans are related to nature and how we have a huge responsibility. By learning more, I have changed in the way that I spread the word. I speak about 1% for the Planet and I can inspire people by telling them what we do as a brand and what we can do as individuals. I really think it reinforces my beliefs. I am sure I now do more to reduce the environmental impact in my daily work and life.

What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing or challenge that thrills me is working on ways to repair and re-sell our products. Finding the solutions with less environmental impact whilst keeping the customer satisfied is a priority!

What do you like doing outside of work?
Hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, kitesurfing, climbing, trail running... The list is long, but I like doing outdoor activities with friends, family and people that share the passion.