• Aaron Steffen

Aaron Steffen

Interim Junior Sales Representative




Munich, Germany

Aaron Steffen
"Working at Patagonia encourages you to have a different view on things."

Why do you work at Patagonia?
Working at Patagonia gives me the opportunity to spend my time working on a topic which is close to what I am passionate about. It allows me to stay true to my identity as a climber, whilst doing my part in preserving the environment we all love and need.

What is your favorite Patagonia product ever?
My favorite Patagonia product is the Nano Air Light Hoody, it provides the coziest sweater, but really excels as a highly technical piece that gives you warmth and breathability when needed. I wear this thing from climbing alpine rock in summer, to ski touring in winter. It offers breathability when pushing hard for the last meters to the summit, and protection when hanging in belays and waiting for your partner to follow.

How has working at Patagonia changed you?
Working at Patagonia encourages you to have a different view on things. Coming from college and having a degree in economics, things seem easy and calculable. Witnessing how strategical decisions are taken towards more a sustainable business ethic really promotes the passion for change, which is the biggest lesson I take from my time with Patagonia so far.

What is the best thing about working at Patagonia?
The best thing about working at Patagonia is spending time with passionate people that I can happily, not only can call colleagues, but friends. At times there is no black and white solution to tasks that come up at work – but building the best product (and in my case selling it) in a responsible way, brings up necessary trade-offs, which spice up the decision making on daily tasks. Finding adequate solutions makes this work never boring!

What do you like doing outside of work?
I spend most of my time outside work climbing, running or skiing. Finding the purest line with the least equipment is a great way to gain the richest experiences in nature. To feel this exposure and share it with friends and loved ones always brings the biggest joy to me.