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How Much Down Is in Our Jackets

Old School  /  September 16, 2008  /  3 Min Read  /  Design

TrenchesOur Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are our front line of communication with Patagonia fanatics far and wide. The crew here at our Call Center in Reno, NV are at it seven days a week, taking orders, helping with returns, and most importantly, answering the astonishing range of questions our customers fire at us. Like flocks of swirling swallows or shimmering schools of tropical fish, our customers swoop in with mysteriously synchronized concerns and questions on a regular basis, prompting the need for ready answers. Times like these, nothing would be more handy than magically beaming knowledge out into the ether. Our very own Old School is here to do just that. He’s stepped back from the front lines to answer some of these popular questions, straight from the trenches.

"How much down is in that jacket?" That’s a pretty common question here in Mail Order, so I compiled a list of down weights for all our down coats. These weights are for size Medium and are in grams (1 ounce = 28.35 grams). The fill-power of the down used in each of the jackets is also listed. For an broader overview on down, see my previous post here.

HibernationMen’s Lifestyle Jackets

Men’s Hibernation Parka – 205g (600 fill) If your pooch is like mine and demands a walk no matter how cold or blustery, this is your coat.

Nanuq Jacket – 250g (600 fill) Another cold weather special in a bit shorter length.

Stealth Downer Jacket -145g (600 fill) An everyday down jacket that won’t make you look like you just stepped off the Grand.

Women’s Lifestyle Jackets

Fiona wettest climes.

Women’s Fiona Parka – 105g (800 fill) A long length down sweater, but even cuter.

Women’s Down With it Parka -167g (600 fill) If you’re not down with cold weather, try this jacket.

Women’s Upside of Down Jacket – 105g (600 fill) Street-smart looks combined with backcountry warmth.

Ms_down_sweaterMen’s Technical Insulation

Men’s Down Parka – 249.3g (800 fill) If you’re really headed to the Grand this winter, take this coat.

Mens’s Down Jacket – 192g (700 fill) Our all-around down jacket, puffy and warm on the town or on the trail.

Men’s Down Vest – 105g (700 fill) Our version of the classic down vest.

Men’s Down Sweater – 85g (800 fill) Ultra-light and ultra-packable take-anywhere down insulation. Those who say you can’t take it with you haven’t tried this sweater.

Men’s Down Sweater Vest – 57g (800 fill) You’ll have even less of a reason not to take this vest.

Ms_primo_downMens’s Down Sweater P/O Hoody – 98g (800 fill) Pullover “sweatshirt” version of the down sweater.

Men’s Primo Down Jacket – 112.4g (700 fill) Skiing Aspen? Take the best of both worlds, Our bombproof Primo Jacket with down sweater warmth.

Mens’s Rubicon Down Jacket – 224g (650 fill) Burly and warm down parka for cold weather skiing, riding or just looking cool.

Women’s Technical Insulation


Women’s Down Vest – 98.7g (700 fill) Our version of the classic down vest.

Women’s Down Sweater – 80g (800 fill) Certified "super-cute" and light and warm to boot.

Women’s Down Sweater Vest – 51g (800 fill) Just as cute but no sleeves.

Women’s Primo Down Jacket –  103.4g (700 fill) It can get cold out there on the slopes, our bombproof Primo Jacket with down sweater warmth fixes that.

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