Working Through It

Some farmers, anglers and chefs are providing food for their communities during the time of COVID-19.

Jeff McElroy
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What the Trees Know: Solving the Mystery of Colorado’s Record Avalanche Season

In 2019, after a record Colorado avalanche season bulldozed millions of trees, a team of avalanche experts rallied to collect as much information as possible from these 300-year-old keepers of time.

Laura Yale
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Liberation on the Land

A Conversation with Leah Penniman, Author of Farming While Black.

Jeff McElroy
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Don’t Till On Me

A soil junkie explains no-till practices for regenerative agriculture.

Andrew O’Reilly
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Sawdust Is My Glitter: The Story of Blind Craftsman John Furniss

Editor’s note: This post discusses anxiety and suicide. In a humble workshop in Washougal, Washington, a blind craftsman holds a locally harvested log that he has made into a blank with his miter saw. He turns it in his hands to feel its shape and weight. He measures and marks, measures and marks. A flick…

Jeff McElroy
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Helping Hands in the High Desert

Doing the Dirty Work with the Oregon Natural Desert Association

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Net to Table: Su Salmon Co.

Mike Wood’s last name is a wholly appropriate coincidence of birth. He’s got a fetish for the stuff. When building his off-the-grid log home masterpiece on the banks of Alaska’s Susitna River, he’d range out into the surrounding boreal forest, select each perfect tree, hug it at the chest in solemn ceremony and then gleefully…

Ryan Peterson
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