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A Victory for the Giant Anteater in Argentina

 /  25 05 2007 2 min de lecture  /  Activisme

We now turn our attention from the eradication of invasive species to the reintroduction of native species. Kris Tompkins, head of Conservacion Patagonica, sends word of a celebration on behalf of the giant anteater.

Dear Family and Friends,

Patagonia_anteater_2After over two years of acquiring permissions from numerous national governmental agencies and four provinces, months spent looking for the right animals and building a significant quarantine center and transitional corrals, we released the first giant anteater back into the Esteros del Ibera on Saturday, the 19th of May. The last time an anteater was seen in this region was over 60 years ago. This represents the first formal reintroduction of a species in Argentina. It was a great day for all of us, even the Governor of Corrientes showed up – she has captured the enthusiasm of Correntinos in a way we would never have imagined!  Real star status. There are five more waiting to come over from Salta, Jujuy and Santiago del Esteros – as they come they’ll be held in quarantine then they’ll also be released. 

She’s wearing a radio collar which, while bothersome no doubt, is lighter than it looks and is for her safety. This way the team of biologists here can keep track of her, just in case she runs into trouble.

It was a real day of celebration and we hope that someday these wild looking creatures become a common fixture once again here in the savannah.


Kris (and Doug)

Here’s hoping each and every one of us finds freedom over the long weekend. Let’s remember those who entered the hell of war and never came back, and honor them by bringing more peace to planet Earth. Take care and thanks for visiting The Cleanest Line.

[She’s a beauty. Photo: Kris Tompkins. "Peace on Earth" performed by Railroad Earth]

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