UPF Treatment

UPF treatments increase the ability of a fabric to block the sun’s harmful UV radiation from reaching your skin.


UPF treatments are meant to increase the ability of a fabric or garment to prevent the sun’s harmful UV radiation from reaching your skin. We can create that layer of protection by adding special chemistry to the yarn itself, by altering the weight/density of the fabric's construction or by adding a topical chemical treatment to the fabric.

Of course, clothing with UPF treatment only protects the areas of your body that are covered by the treated fabric.

Where We Are

We employ several methods to improve sun protection across Patagonia clothing. One way is by to use yarns made with a titanium dioxide (TiO2) additive, which is similar to the active ingredient contained in your sunscreen, that can help block the sun's harmful rays. This method provides very durable protection because those additives are permanently locked inside the yarns, which is particularly helpful when we want to create a lightweight fabric.

Another way we achieve sun protection with standard yarns is to use special constructions and heavier fabrics. The most comfortable fabrics have the perfect balance of weight and protection.

We also make sure that any garment being advertised as UPF-rated also meets strict style restrictions to ensure the wearer is appropriately covered. As a result, we can’t market a low coverage garment, such as a tank top, while using UPF-rated fabric and claiming the wearer is protected.

What's Next

We will continue to explore new and better technological options for improving sun protection and reducing manufacturing impact.

UPF Treatment
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