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Our Core Values

In 2022—on the eve of our 50th anniversary—we updated Patagonia’s core values to reflect the company we want to be as we embark on the next 50 years.
Andrew Burr

Build the best product, provide the best service and constantly improve everything we do. The best product is useful, versatile, long-lasting, repairable and recyclable. Our ideal is regenerative products that give back to the earth as much as they take.


Examine our practices openly and honestly, learn from our mistakes and meet our commitments. We value integrity in both senses: that our actions match our words (we walk the talk), and that all our work contributes to a functional whole (our sum is greater than our parts).


Protect our home planet. We’re all a part of nature, and every decision we make is in the context of the environmental crisis challenging humanity. We work to reduce our impact, share solutions, and embrace regenerative practices. We partner with grassroots organizations and frontline communities to restore lands, air and waters to a state of health; to arrest our addiction to fossil fuels; and to address the deep connections between environmental destruction and social injustice.


Be just, equitable and antiracist as a company and in our community. We embrace the work necessary to create equity for historically marginalized people and reorder the priorities of an economic system that values short-term expansion over human well-being and thriving communities. We acknowledge painful histories; confront biases; change our policies; and hold each other accountable. We aspire to be a company where people from all backgrounds, identities and experiences, can be their whole selves and have the power to contribute and lead.

Not Bound by Convention

Do it our way. Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing new ways to do things.

We guarantee everything we make.

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We take responsibility for our impact.

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We support grassroots activism.

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We keep your gear going.

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We give our profits to the planet.

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