Why Regenerative Organic?

Pratibha Cotton Farms, India.
Hashim Badani
A Growing Problem

It’s Farming the Way Nature Intended

Growing food and fiber with industrial techniques has devastated our climate. We believe Regenerative Organic agriculture could be a viable way to help stop climate change before it's too late.

How Nature Would Farm

Regenerative Organic is the highest organic standard, which supports people and animals working together to restore the health of our planet to create a brighter future. This agricultural system aims to rehabilitate soil, respect animal welfare and improve the lives of farmers.

Regenerative Organic Farming Practices

These practices help build healthy soil that could help draw down more carbon from the atmosphere than conventional methods. To do this, farmers use a range of methods that have been around for millennia.

Cover crops
Crop rotation
Low- to No-Tilling

Know What You’re Buying Into

Only 1% of agricultural land worldwide is organic. Switching from fossil fuel-intensive farming to organic and low-till practices could turn our agricultural system from problem to solution. You have the power to change the way food and fiber are grown by supporting businesses who are leading the way.

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