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Baby Torrentshell 3L Bibs Avis

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Baby Torrentshell 3L Bibs

Taille trop large
October 25, 2022

Très bien

Article de très bonne facture, tout correspond à la description, envoi rapide ... et parfait à l'usage

September 5, 2022

Waterproof and Durable

These bibs have been amazing for wet hikes with my toddler. She stays completely dry and clean no matter what she does. They have also survived a handful of falls, including a pretty intense one on pavement, without a single sign of damage. I love that they have a soft liner material attached to the fabric. It feels much better on bare skin than yo... Read Moreur standard plasticky rain gear. These bibs run large in a similar way to other Patagonia toddler outer layers. Ada is 34 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds and the 2T fits well with the shoulder straps sucked all the way down, the snaps on the sides closed, and a pair of boots on to hold up an extra few inches of length in the legs. I am guessing that the bibs will fit her for another 8-12 inches of height. I love that they are super wide to fit over layers and that they move well so the bagginess has not affected her ability to move. I debated getting her a rain suit instead of bibs and a jacket but I am so glad that I went with the bibs and jacket. I love that the adjustability on the bibs means that they will fit a lot longer than a suit could. Plus, when its wet out but not raining, which happens a lot in New England, I can put these on her without a jacket for a breathable, more customizable set up.

July 4, 2022

Very useful and water-resistant

Very useful and water-resistant

May 9, 2022

Adorable bibs

I got these for my grandson for next winter so he hasnt worn them yet, but theyre so cute I cant wait to see him in them.

May 7, 2022


I bought these last year for my daughter who turned 1 in the middle of the summer. She is a 90th percentile baby in both H and W. She wore them all summer and fall with the shoulder straps cinched as short as they would go and the waist snapped in, they were a great fit. She's turning 2 in a couple of months and is still very tall for her age,... Read More and she's wearing them again this summer with the shoulder straps let out halfway and the waist unsnapped. They've stood up to plenty of puddle-jumping, wipeouts, and even a rainy fishing trip to Valdez which included lots of rock scrambling, and the knees still look as good as new. I think she'll be able to wear them all summer and fall again. I like the material, it's very abrasion-resistant but not too swishy/loud when walking. These are great!!

November 2, 2021

So, so perfect

I dont have enough good words for this. Totally waterproof, and definitely runs big! My girl is definitely a 2T in everything, but this is huge. Thats actually a good thing! I can tighten the straps and the bib comes all the way up to her shoulders. It should fit her for at least 12-18 months, which makes this purchase even better. My kid needs to ... Read Morebe outside every day, and Im so grateful well have that option now.

October 13, 2021


These are brilliant! They definitely run large - my girl is a 2T in everything, but the shoulder straps are fully tightened, snaps done up, and plenty of room to spare/grow. The quality is excellent, and cant wait for a rain storm so I can test these!

July 5, 2021


This jacket is well made and a nice weight for Spring and fall. I like that it has an SPF of 50+. My son is 7 months old now so we have not actually been able to use it yet (jacket is 12-18 months), but I think it will work great.

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