Our Favorites for Your Favorites For those on your list, at your table or in your boat—wherever you celebrate this season—here’s a collection of our favorite gear for your favorite people.
More of Our Favorites from This Year
Blue Heart
Blue Heart Our European team helped deliver 120K signatures to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Redevelopment to protect the pristine Blue Heart river system from a tsunami of proposed dams. Watch the Film
takayna / Tarkine The Tarkine region of northwestern Tasmania is home to one of the last undisturbed tracts of ancient rainforest in the world and one of the highest concentrations of Aboriginal archaeology in the hemisphere. Yet this place is currently at the mercy of extraction industries, including timber and mining. The 40-year fight to protect this area as a World Heritage site underscores the complexities of modern conservation and challenges us to defend our last truly wild places. Watch the Film
Fair Trade Certified™ Factories
Fair Trade Certified™ Factories More than 49,000 workers have benefitted from Patagonia’s commitment to the Fair Trade Certified™ program because every Fair Trade purchase sends more money back to factory workers who can use the premium as a cash bonus, for a collective social investment or both. Every season we strive to add more products and factories to the Fair Trade list. Learn More