Worn Wear is Patagonia's hub for keeping gear in play. Why extend the life of gear? Because the best thing we can do for the planet is cut down on consumption and get more use out of stuff we already own.
  • Repair is a Radical Act

    As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer.

How We Extend the Functionality of Your Gear—and Repair It

Lasting Function and a Commitment to Repair In a landscape of disposable ski and snowboard fashion, fixing and keeping your snow gear in play is the most radical act we know. On average, most of us keep a piece of clothing for just three years, yet the materials and processes for making any new garment…

4 min Read
Recycling Is Broken. Now What?

Patagonia is no stranger to the difficulty of throwing stuff away. We take back 100 percent of the gear you return for recycling through our Worn Wear program. In 2018, we recycled 6,797 pounds of products. But we can’t recycle or repair everything you send us. Some of it was just too well-loved during use…

Michele Bianchi
7 min Read
The Worn Wear Crew Visits the Northeast: Photos

I lost track of how many people asked us why we were driving into the deeper nooks of New England during the middle of winter. I knew the answer, but I’d be lying if I didn’t question the reasoning myself. The Worn Wear crew set out to visit a few snow sport communities in the…

Kern Ducote
5 min Read
My Pink Baggies

Dear Patagonia, My pink Patagonia Baggies Shorts are the best shorts I’ve ever owned. In 2016, I wore them for 180 straight days when thru-hiking the 2,189.1-mile Appalachian Trail (AT); and in 2017, I wore them for 135 days while thru-hiking the 2,650.1-mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). I wore them every day, all day and…

Laura Johnston
3 min Read
Annihilating Expectations on the Worn Wear Tour

After 48 days in the same vehicle with the same four people, five if you count Brandon’s second shadow and beloved dog Rudy (half dog, half human), one is ready for a week of weekends. We romped around for the better part of the last two months, running from Squaw Valley, to Aspen, to Jackson…

Kern Ducote
4 min Read
What Happens to Your Gear at the Patagonia Repair Center: Photos

Welcome to Patagonia’s Repair Center, where we’ll do just about anything to keep your gear in play. We love fixing gear that’s been worn into near oblivion by our customers. It means we did our job (build beautiful product for years of hard use) and you did yours (play like hell). In our 40 years…

5 min Read
The Most Beautiful Product We Make Is the One You’re Wearing

At Patagonia, we think the most beautiful product is really designed by you. Every tear, stain and duct tape patch proves the bond that can develop between a person and their gear. Our Worn Wear repair program helps keep your well-loved clothes in action longer and provides an easy way to recycle Patagonia garments when…

Mikey Schaefer
4 min Read
Notes from the Road: Worn Wear Fall 2016 Tour

We’re a little more than halfway through the tour here in the United States and can’t decide what’s worse: the summer heat down in the South or the demolition y’all do on your garments! Truthfully, we’re not fazed by either. We love the challenging repairs being thrown at us and don’t mind a bit of…

Donnie Hedden
3 min Read
  • Never in the Landfill

    Nothing lasts forever, so we continue to offer easy ways to recycle Patagonia products—100% of what we make—when they finally reach the end of their useful lives and can no longer be repaired.

    Ken Etzel
  • Recycling

    If you own a Patagonia product that’s well beyond repair, please return it to us so we can recycle it into something new, or repurpose what can’t yet be recycled.

    Ken Etzel
Worn Wear Tour

Due to the developing global COVID-19 situation, we have listened to our teams and customers and have cancelled the European Worn Wear Snow Tour. This was a tough decision to take, but the safety and wellbeing of our staff and community is our first priority.

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