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What Difference Does Riding a Bike Make? We’ll Tell You

2 Min. Lesezeit  /  Activism

ChrisWe ran a post a little while back featuring a video clip of one of our U.S. representatives ripping apart the then-pending energy bill (Keeping Alternative Transp. on the Radar). His comments took aim at the line of the bill that sought to set aside $1 million annually to support bicycle transportation through construction of bike lanes, etc.

The representative’s comments–along with those of some post-ers–attacked the idea of bike commuting on the grounds that it was essentially foolish, childish and impractical. "What difference," these people seemed to demand, "could riding a bike possibly make?"

Chris Carroll works here in our Distribution Center. He saw the post and the ensuing conversation. He’s got a pretty compelling answer to that question.

[Chris enjoying one of the benefits of riding his bike to work–the best "parking" spot is right next to his desk in the warehouse. Photo: Lloyd Stradley]

Chris read through that post and its series of comments and got to thinking.  Then he happened by a local bike shop, where a kid working there asked how many miles he’s racked up over the years. The question prompted him to do some calculations and come up with an answer that surprised even him. He’s pretty clear that these are estimates, since he doesn’t keep a log.

I asked Chris to share the info with TCL. Here’s what he sent:

– 22 years of solid riding   
– 10years of 200 miles per week = 104,000 miles   
– 12 years of 150 miles per week = 93,600 miles   
– at average of 25 miles per gallon of gas = 7,904 gallons 
– at an average of $2.50 per gallon x 7,904 = $19,760.00   
– I should hit 200,000 miles this year – hopefully I can keep it going for my duration on the planet? That is my plan!     Chris

This is just one guy’s opinion, but it seems to me Chris is making one hell of a difference. He sets a daily example around here that many of us can only hope to live up to.

Keep pedaling, Chris! Let us know when you tick the 200,000 mark!

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