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Cragsmith Pack 45L

Ziemlich groß
August 21, 2023

Great and sturdy

Great pack. Wish there was another pocket or two.

August 8, 2023

Truly a great quality and spacious bag

It feel like the bag has unlimited space. I really appreciate the large opening to fill the bag with great ease.

August 7, 2023

Very spacious

Very spacious

August 6, 2023

Really big but sollid bag

I really love this back pack for bigger hikes with mutch gear.

April 2, 2023

Great for unpacking gear, not super comfortable

I got this pack as a gift to replace my now falling-apart Black Diamond 45L and I was so excited to finally have a pack that would flay open and be easier to pack and unpack at the crag. The zippers seem super durable and the overall design of the pack is great for accessing gear without spilling everything on the ground. I also love Patagonia&#x27... Read More;s business model in general and their use of recycled materials to produce this pack. However, when I loaded it with all my gear and tried it on, I found the pack to be pretty uncomfortable, so much so that I'll be returning it. I've never had that experience with a backpack before, so I thought it was worth mentioning here. Additionally, I would've liked a bit more space--even something like 2L more--since the design of the pack does not permit any kind of expansion. I typically carry an 80m rope, and with draws, shoes, harness and a water bottle, it was a really tight fit. This pack would probably be much better suited for a rope that's 70m or less.

Antwort von Patagonia
April 4, 2023

Hi Lindsay! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review on our Cragsmith Pack 45L. We're sorry to hear about the disapointment with the pack. That said, this feedback is crucial to making improvements for future seasons so we'll share this with our design team. Please note, your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](

March 19, 2023


Super comfortable on the approach. And this thing is a total gear dumpster. I fit all my climbing gear in the main compartment: Thick 60m rope 12 Quick Draws Double Rack Harness/helmet/chalk Extra base layer Top compartment is great for stowing lunch/guidebook/phone/keys. I feel like the stash pocket on the waistband is too small to be useful. I... Read More wish there there was another hook option near the middle of the bag for the g hooks. Also wish the outer pockets stretched more for my wider based water bottle. There is not a lot of extra space at 45L. Everything packs pretty tight IMO. I kind of wish this was a 50L. Albeit, I'm not the most efficient packer either. So take that into account when reading what I've said.

Antwort von Patagonia
March 22, 2023

Thanks for the thorough feedback, Darrell. If you're looking for a bigger technical pack option, we recommend checking out the [Ascensionist Pack 55L]( You might find that its better suited for your needs!

March 1, 2023

Keeps its shape

I like that it's basically a bucket. The material keeps its shape which makes it super easy to access your gear. (it's still lightweight) The inner handles are nice too because you can carry it short distances without having to zip it back up. Also the bag rests on the front, not the shoulder straps when it's open. A nice design feat... Read Moreure that prevents them from getting dirty and scraped up.

February 22, 2023


My son has been using one of these for his climbing gear (ropes, cams, draws, etc.) for a few years. It carries well. It's the right size, holds its shape and fully for easy access. Also a great size for a travel carryon for all the same reasons.

February 4, 2023

The Perfect Large "Grocery Backpack" for New York City

I know that "grocery shopping" isn't the intended use of this backpack, but I desperately needed something to replace a military canvas duffel bag I had been lugging on my back throughout NYC for many years. I have yet to actually backpack with it, but know that if you also live in NYC, and a wheelie cart isn't an ideal option f... Read Moreor you while doing your grocery shopping, this backpack is IDEAL. I can carry 25-35lbs on my back with ease with this thing and not feel any strain or pain after a long trek back home. (And you don't feel any of the glass bottles in your grocery bag poking your back on your walk home. It's so insulated and well padded.) It even unzips from the back completely, so you're able to remove all of your groceries with ease. Highly recommend!

January 31, 2023

My good to

I love this pack! It is comfortable, easy to pack and I love being able to open up the whole backside so that I can easily access things and don't have to dig through a tube style. It also feels very durable.

January 30, 2023

Awesome Pack

This bag is very sleek and feels very durable. I get a lot of complements. I really like the extra compartment on top that isnt available on the 31L. I also really appreciate the dual entry into the main compartment, and that the large opening is on the strap side and not the outward facing side as my straps can stay clean when I open it.

December 28, 2022

Big, Burly and Beautiful

Before I purchase a pivotal item, I do extensive research. I wanted a gear bag approaching 50L so I could fit a 60m rope and my helmet inside the bag with room for 2 pairs of shoes, my harness and about 10 quickdraws. My other criteria was that I wanted a bag into which I could ALSO throw a couple days worth of clothes; and on occasion - use as a p... Read Moreure carry-on travel bag containing a few days of civilian clothes. Finally, I wanted a sleek exterior, not something that looked like a gray garbage can with a black plastic bag inside and crimped at the top. The Patagonia Cragsmith 45L managed to thread my complex needle. It has a fully-padded, asymmetrical pocket in the top that perfectly fits a helmet. If you pad it with a thick sock, you can toss your GriGri in with your helmet. The huge interior compartment is lined and padded; you can put your rope, shoes, harness and clothes in there with room to spare. If you keep it clean inside and dont trash it, you can use the pack at other times as a civilian carry-on for up to, say, 5 days worth of clothing. And it features a nice neat exterior with clean lines and exceptionally large zippers. There are only a couple of premium US kit bags in this space; now you know why I chose this one and why I would recommend the Cragsmith to you without hesitation. Its beautiful AND multi-functional! I wish the name Patagonia on the outside stood out more, because I am proud to support this company with my repeated patronage.

December 27, 2022

Perfect for rock climbing

Perfect for rock climbing

November 26, 2022

The best climbing pack I have ever owned!

The most sturdy, the most comfortable thing you can possibly imagine! I was recently carrying a full bag for hours and it was super comfy. I am usually able to throw a 70m rope, full rack, climbing gear etc, and still have some space left. What's best though, when I climb, my dog sleeps in it as it resembles a cozy dog bed for her. Wish I woul... Read Mored be able to attach a picture ;)

October 20, 2022


Its a very straightforward. Easy to pack with the back side opening up and comfortable to carry. My only request is that it come in a slightly larger size of 50L. For climbing equipment I think the larger sizes are most beneficial.

October 12, 2022

For the tiny climber

As someone who is super tiny, I was really worried that this bag would tower over me and be really unwieldy. But my worries were unfounded! The s/m was able to cinch to my waist and shoulders comfortably and with room to spare, but its also still the size I need to make sure I can get all the gear i need to the crag, including a double rack, 70m ro... Read Morepe, and layers.

August 30, 2022

Great Fit

Love this bag and it's functionality. Being able to open it from the top as well as the large side is convenient. It looks sharp and carries all my gear no problem.

June 8, 2022

Everything you want in a crag pack

I used this bag for a week climbing in the Red and it was perfect. Easily fit 60m rope, 14 quickdraws, shoes, helmet, jacket, water bottles, food, and guidebooks with plenty of room to spare. The pack is well designed and everything was easy to organize and access. S/M fit well on my 18.5" torso.

March 25, 2022

Great Pack

I'm amazing at how well-made and spacious the Cragsmith is. It easily fits all of my climbing gear (and more) and could easily be used as a pack when traveling.

February 15, 2022

Amazing Bag Runs Small

CraigsSmith45L S/M was to small (Short) pulled backwards. My torso length is 17'' Seems Im right in between the sizes... Got the L/XL instead Great bag, durable, Fits 2 ropes 2 harness, 2 shoes 24 Draws gallonwater, pants, jacket, snacks with room to spare. Amazing Bag! (XL is 3'' taller then S/M)

December 4, 2021

Stand Up Pack

I really like this pack for cragging. I can fit a rope and gear (draws) into it without having to attach anything to the outside. You could strap a rope on the outside if you had to. There are 2 outside side pockets that are flush with the pack. Inside, a long spine pocket and 2 on the top pockets for bars and personal stuff. My favorite aspect of ... Read Morethis pack is you can top load or unzip all the way to the bottom. It also stands up on its own. One of the best climbing packs I've owned since I started in 1986.

October 11, 2021


Excellent backpack for my traveling needs!!!

September 29, 2021

Why not a helmet net?

The backpack is currently maybe the best crag pack on the market... BUT I don't understand why no company provides a helmet net on the outside of the pack. As we know, today's modern sport climbing helmets are very sensitive and break easily, so stuffing them into a already filled pack (45l are at least in my case ALWAYS fully packed) is ... Read Morenot a good idea. If you could provide this feature in the next version, this pack would be perfect.

August 21, 2021

Perfect 💗

Perfect 💗

July 14, 2021

Lots of space, quick loading and comfortable

The Cragsmith 45l is excellent for sportclimbing and moving between sectors. Just drop everyhing you (might) need in the pack, zip it up, move to the next sector, open the back panel, and directly take out what you need. I bought this pack after two years of doubting if it was worth the high cost. It definitely is. With my previous pack (42L duffe... Read Morel), I couldn't fit everything in that well, it usually took me 5- 10 minutes to get my rope and all my gear in properly while needing some help sometimes to zip it up. With the cragsmith I actually can take more gear, and be on my way in seconds.

July 8, 2021

Easy to load and unload

Two separate ways to load the main compartment, makes organization a breeze. by unzipping around the straps you can lay the bag flat and load with ease. While on the trail you can access from the top or store items that are more readily needed in the top compartment of the bag. The straps feel great and the bag rides higher on your back as it shoul... Read Mored. Great fit, and durable, I use this bag daily.

June 2, 2021


Bester kletterrucksack

April 29, 2021

Too much volume for my usage

Summary: This is a great design and a bomber pack. It seems like one of the most versatile cragging packs on the market, which is its intended purpose. I purchased the pack for slightly different usage and it wasn't right for me. Usage: I was looking for a pack to use primarily for short hikes by myself and with my two young kids. I also ne... Read Moreeded something I could use for occasional work travel including airlines and carrying a laptop. I own a couple of minimal alpine packs, so a more comfortable carry and more convenient access while carrying climbing kit seemed like a big plus to me. Likes: The fabric is fantastic. It's durable, weather-resistant, snag-resistant, and attractive. The suspension is comfortable, simple, and low-maintenance. While I didn't want a hip belt, many users of a pack this size will be glad to have one and the belt on this pack is durable, comfortable, and includes a convenient zippered pocket. This pack carries very comfortably even with a full load. The top-loading main compartment is great for packing climbing gear or other large, heavy, or oddly shaped equipment. The body of the pack seems to have some stiffening material to help it hold its shape, which is a bit awkward when the pack is empty, but really helps to keep it upright and open while packing. The drawbridge-style opening is amazing! This is so useful for easy packing and access, and for traveling through airport security with a computer. This pack has a big, durable zipper which is capable of holding a full load against the suspension system. The zipper is placed on the opposite side of the straps from the foam back panel, so it won't chafe against your back. The external grab loops are durable and cleverly located. The internal gear loops are a wonderful touch for climbing gear organization. Between the two grab loops, the drawbridge opening, and the internal gear loops, it's very convenient to move this pack short distances between routes at the crag. Dislikes: I first purchased the 32 L version of this pack, since I new I wanted something closer to that volume and I wanted the removable hip belt. That pack has only one small zippered pocket and one large zippered compartment, and I found that configuration offered too little organization for my needs. I exchanged that pack for the 45 L version, which includes a larger zipper lid compartment in addition to a small zippered pocket and the large main compartment. This is still less organization than I'd prefer, and the larger volume was simply too big for what I needed. I didn't want a hip belt and the belt on this pack is fixed and bulkier than a flat webbing belt. The stretch mesh side pockets are made from fabric that is stretchy but not durable, and they're in a high-wear area. Many packs I've owned previously have had mesh side pockets like this, and that has been the first point of failure for the pack. More durable reinforcements at the bottom of these pockets seems important for a high-wear, high-durability design like this.

April 27, 2021

Best Climbing Purchase

I was using a different pack that wasn't designed for climbing and it was driving me nuts. The ability to toss the pack on the ground and open up the back for access to everything in the pack has made everything easier, faster and better. It's easier to get everything out and setup, it's easier to open up and grab just one thing and ... Read Moreit's easier to pack everything up and head out with out causing a royal mess. The weight distribution is perfect, but for me a size L Patagonia pack always fits perfect, I have a bit longer torso. I'm hauling mostly sport gear in and out of Smith Rock and I barely notice any of it is there. Carrying the rope is no longer a chore, I don't even know it's back there. The one frustration I have is pretty minor, but all the zippers end up in the same place so I often find myself unzipping the wrong pocket for what I'm looking for. Seems a bit nitpicky but with a pack this perfect where else do you find faults?

April 23, 2021

Great idea with some flaws

I really like the design and think its a perfect design for a sport bag at the 32 liter size. However at 45 liters it isn't big enough to soundly fit a full rack and 80 meter rope. I have tested many bags from different companies and truly believe that 50-55 liter range really makes a huge difference. Also the zip closure on the back panel is ... Read Moregreat because they use a super burly zipper however the zip top closure on the brain is not ideal as they didn't use a burly zipper, so if you are trying to stuff things in there and zip it up tight, the zipper can break. for the ideal design I recommend a 55 liter with a zip back panel and a removable brain with a normal shroud top closure

Antwort von Patagonia
April 23, 2021

Hello Frank, thanks for your detailed review! Our designs are constantly being revised and customer's feedback is one of the contributing factors to these changes, so receiving messages like this really helps us improve.

April 23, 2021

Good stuff!

Had a Crag Daddy prior which was a great pack. Prefer the design of this one overall though. Pros - easier to stuff and overstuff being a top loader too, the crag daddy sometimes struggled with big loads. Even easier access to kit than before when unzipped and sits on the ground well. Back panel doesn't sit in the dirt anymore. Better stru... Read Morecture and materials, nicer hipbelt than before. More pocket options that are also larger. Not that I'll need to often, but the added structure and higher side straps make rope carrying on the outside of the pack much better also. Cons - I really liked just leaving the crag daddy unzipped, stuffing whatever I needed in quickly when walking short distances between routes at the base of crags by just grabbing the 2 carry handles ikea bag style.

April 14, 2021

Cragsmith 45L

Burly, well thought out crag bag

April 5, 2021

Lots to like, but not quite perfect

Ive used this pack at least weekly for about 6 months, for cragging in the PNW. There are quite a few things I really like about it: The way it opens is great, and the foam padding structure that allows it to stand up when closed and act as a dumpster when laid down and opened are both really nice. Its a superb depot at the base of a crag: just ope... Read Moren it up and you have a clean dry spot to toss layers, shoes etc, and you can use it as a rope bag/bucket if you want. A few things I wish were different: 1) Its not all THAT huge, and there is no good way to expand it. I find that a 60m rope in a rope bag, rack of draws, shoes, harness, chalk bag and liter bottle pretty well fill it up. Granted Im using a burly rope (Mammut Workhorse 9.9) and have big feet, but some careful packing is definitely required to put more gear in. Swapping sport rack for trad, things get very tight. 2) Expansion/lashing-on options are limited. With a haul bag style pack you can keep adding stuff to the top and throw a strap over it all. No such luck here. I really wish there were a good way to carry a helmet on the outside of the pack without it swinging around. The elastic mesh side pockets struggle to fit a Nalgene, though theyre great for guide book and (short) stick clip. 3) Carry could be more comfortable. The hip belt is not that burly, and theres no real frame or lumbar pad. When fully crammed, this pack can easily get into the 30+ lbs range. At that weight the hip belt starts to slouch and its hard to get the pack to carry comfortably with most weight on the hips. At 62 I wish the torso measurement were a bit longer. All in all this is a really nice and user-friendly bag for shorter approaches. Its a joy to use at the crag and has been quite durable so far. However, its not huge, is not that flexible in terms of gear carrying options, and could be more comfortable when fully loaded. Great for a day at the sport crag, but it would not be my pick for monstrous amounts of gear and/or long technical approaches.

Antwort von Patagonia
April 6, 2021

This is really great feedback Andrew. We appreciate all the details.

March 30, 2021

Perfect climbing pack

Ive tried three other bags and this is the best one

March 29, 2021

Great pack for cragging

Just enough space for everything that I take with me for crag climbing (70m rope, food, clothing, rack...). It stands on its own.

March 28, 2021

Great size and super convenient

Great size and super convenient back-panel access!

March 20, 2021


The pack was worth it. Its can hold plenty and has great support.

March 17, 2021

Carry All You Gear

Awesome pack to carry a ton of gear. 45L easily holds a rope, rack, shoes, gear, lunch and water for your climbing outing. Love the fit of the bag. Great features.

February 9, 2021


Excellent backpack for sport and traditional climbing, plenty of space for everything you need, belts sit well on the waist, side bags excellent for water bottles, pocket books, snacks even a pair of climbing shoes, the bag of Above it fits a helmet, chalk bag and small accessories, the special internal bag for personal belongings, keys, cards and ... Read Moresmall accessories, the back feels good and does not give bad posture, having a good backpack size, does not obstruct the head, the only cons. It would be the price compared to other backpacks

January 25, 2021

Everything you want in a climbing pack

My friends and I tried out lots of other climbing packs and this is just hands down the best. The accessibility, the simplicity, the comfort, and the robust nature of the material/zippers is just unparalleled.

January 4, 2021



December 28, 2020

Amazing bag... how did get along up until now without it?

This is the perfect climbing bag and travel bag. I simply keep almost my entire sport climbing kit in the bag and just grab on my way out the door and to the crag. The bag can hold a 70 meter rope, rack of draws, quad anchor, and an assortment of other carabiners, slings, and anchor materials. There is one large compartment for all of the gear with... Read More a few strap to hooks gear onto, then another top compartment that is easily accessible and it a nice place to store your lunch, camera, or other items that you don't want mixed into your mass of dirty gear. Finally, there's a "valuables" zippered pocket in the top compartment to hold your wallet and keys.

December 3, 2020

don't buy this just kidding

i climb weekends at RRG. perfect for day out craggin' or whatever you do there

October 18, 2020

Great quality

This is the best climbing bag I have owned! It is a great quality bag that I don't think I'll ever need to replace. It fits all my climbing gear and is comfortable to wear. The design is simple and awesome and I am very happy with my purchase. I ordered this on a Friday afternoon and I read it would be delivered in 4-10 business days, but... Read More it showed up at my door the next morning! It took 0 business days!

September 16, 2020

A Great Crag Pack

This bad boy (45L) is a bottomless pit for all your cragging gear. It EASILY fits a 70m rope, 20 draws, double rack and your shoes and harness and chalk bag along with plenty more room for water and a helmet AND food. And thats just the main compartment. The top and side pockets perfectly fit smaller gadgets / guide book. Everywhere you want a hand... Read Morele / strap there is one, even on the waist belt! It stands up almost regardless of how you load it and the back panel opening is super handy for a day at the crag. It rides well and I can say the only small gripe is that the shoulder straps are ever so slightly uncomfortable. Ive tried a lot of crag packs and this is easily the best. Patagonia rocks.

September 5, 2020

Great for climbing

Love this so much. Only thing I wish it had was some loop holes on the front/ middle area to clip shoes. Not a big deal. The rest is perfect.

July 20, 2020

45L compared to 32L

If you're deciding between the 45L and 32L Cragsmith, this review is for you. Long story short, the 45L reminds me of something I'd use to go backpacking around Europe, the 32L is sized more like a typical day pack. I'm a 6 ft, 185lbs dude, climbing sport and top rope routes. Ultimately I find the 45L to be more comfortable, mostly d... Read Moreue to the better designed waist strap, and large enough to carry multiple people's gear. The 32L is perhaps better sized for an individual, solo day of rock climbing. However, the waist strap isn't as comfy. Both have similar zipper systems which are TERRIFIC for accessing gear and keeping things organized throughout the day. In the end, I've decided to keep both, but am going to give the 32L to my girlfriend (and borrow it every now and then if I'm being perfectly honest). The longer version of this story follows: I originally bought the 45L thinking it would be best to carry both my gear and my girlfriend's gear. For whatever reason I also liked the idea of carrying my 60 meter rope inside the bag instead of slinging it over top of my bag like I normally do. And WOW! I was able to fit ALL of our gear (4 pairs of shoes, a 60m rope, 2 harnesses, 1 helmet, water bottles, a set of quickdraws, belay devices, chalk bags and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting about) and still had some room to spare. Just as importantly, the bag was really comfy to wear too. The 45L will work really well on longer trips (like if I need to carry a tent, for example) and when the temperatures start dropping so I can pack additional layers. Yesterday I tested the 32L, this time with no girlfriend. I was still able to cram a lot into the pack (1 pair of shoes, 1 harness, 1 helmet, 1 big water bottle, a set of quickdraws, a sling, a quad anchor, an ATC, a Grigri, a Helinox Chair One) and, just like before, STILL HAD ROOM TO SPARE. This can be seen in the photo I posted with the bags opened next to each other. As in the past, I slung my 60m rope over the top of the bag with relatively no issue. The only complaint I have, however, and I've read this in other reviews too: the waist strap is not nearly as comfy as the 45L. I read this complaint before buying the 32L, but since my old bag also had a basic webbing-like waist strap I didn't think much of it. If anything I thought the complaint seemed to be a bit on the fussy side. But after feeling the comfort of the 45L, the 32L waist strap definitely felt insufficient especially considering that I assume most rock climbers CRAM their bags full of gear / water/ snacks. But, if you're the type of person who is fine with carrying all of that weight on your shoulders, I suppose the 32L strap isn't a big deal. Me, however, I before distributing that weight onto my hips.

July 13, 2020

Super rad, super comfy

I was looking to upgrade from my old Black Diamond pack (crag 40) to something with more space, and a more comfortable hip belt. This easily delivered on both of those. The great thing about the pack is that it retains it shape when loaded. It doesn't bulge like some packs. It fits a double rack of cams, set of quick draws, a 70m rope and some... Read More room to spare. It's comfy for longer approaches, but for sure leave at the base of the rock. The opening back panel is a dream for cragging. A few personal gripes I have, I wish there were two pockets on the hip belt that were larger. The water bladder hook SUCKS. They use the same hook on almost all their bladder compatible bags. It is a hassle to clip and unclip it. The last thing, I wish that there were more loops for gear rather then the two. Or at least have the loops sit a little higher in the pack. They seem to get in the way if you have rope. I can still right all my cams and gear comfortably on the two, but more would be nice! Other then those things, I highly recommend this bag. Plus, it's Patagonia, it's sustainable!

June 21, 2020

Well designed pack!

Extremely well-made, very easy to pack, very easy to access, and really comfortable to carry. I can carry a full trad rack, full sport rack, full rope, extra layers, water, snacks, and a couple beers for afterwards with plenty of space to spare. This pack is awesome!

June 17, 2020

Well designed pack!

Extremely well-made, very easy to pack, very easy to access, and really comfortable to carry. I can carry a full trad rack, full sport rack, full rope, extra layers, water, snacks, and a couple beers for afterwards with plenty of space to spare. This pack is awesome!

April 14, 2020

Great crag backpack!

Very satisfied! All things you need & Well done!

February 20, 2020

Sehr zufrieden. Bei den folgenden

Sehr zufrieden. Bei den folgenden Punkten handelt es sich um Kritik auf hohem Niveau: - eine Daisychain außen in der Mitte des Rucksacks wäre zuweilen praktisch - die Möglichkeit, besser oben auf den Rucksack etwas aufzuschnallen (Seile, Jacken, etc.) wäre gut. (Der Rucksack bietet wirklich viel Platz in seinem Inneren, zuweilen aber ist man in der... Read More Situation, etwas schnell aufhängen zu wollen, ohne umständlich schlichten zu müssen) - 2 oder 3 Innentaschen (etwa direkt an den Innenseiten) wären für eine übersichtlichere Packordnung gut. Über die Langlebigkeit kann ich selbstverständlich noch nichts sagen. Habe mir den Rucksack gekauft, weil Tragegestell und Rückenseite meines "Crag Daddies" nach 4 Jahren intensiver Nutzung beschädigt waren.

January 30, 2020

My favorite crag pack of all time

I've used a lot of crag packs over the years and this one reigns supreme. Pretty much a perfect size for cragging, back access is awesome, carries a load really comfortably. I've used the 45L a number of times as a carry on during flights since it fits most overheads just fine. I would recommend this pack to any climber and have had multi... Read Moreple friends buy it after we climbed together. Two observations: 1) the pack can feel a little weird when it's under packed partially because it has a bit of "structure" which you can't really compress down so items can bounce around inside, 2) it would be nice to have an external helmet carry system. I

November 22, 2019

Love it

Actually bought it for a trip to Europe rather than climbing. Having everything open from the back was helpful from a security stand point.

September 30, 2019

Best Climbing or Travel pack there is

For climbing or traveling, you won't find a better pack anywhere. Simple, streamlined, and easy access makes this product top the list. You can stuff it from the top to get things packed in tight (be it climbing gear or clothes or whatever), then get to the crag (or your hotel) and open it up like a big suitcase. Top pocked (brain) is large ca... Read Moren hold a ton, but if you don't need it and the pack is stuffed to the brim, it gets out of the way not taking up extra space. For climbing gear, I can easily fit a rope, a full trad rack, two pairs of shoes, lunch, two water bottles, layers, harness, etc. etc. with no issues. Carries the weight super well. If you need more space, you can throw the rope over the top of the pack and lock it down, freeing tons of inner space. I've used a million crag packs in my day--this is the one to rule them all. Big burly zipper, too.

September 7, 2019

Love this backpack

I love this backpack. I love that I can access all my stuff without rummaging around in a dark hole for minutes on end. It carries a lot of gear well, too.

August 15, 2019

A good day crag pack

This pack is great for single day climbs at the crag. It easily fits all my sport climbing equipment for two people along with any other random stuff I want bring. If bringing a trad rack then I probably couldn't fit enough stuff for two people but it's pretty close. The Daisy chains on the top are great for holding climbing shoes or anyt... Read Morehing else you want to connect to it, and it's very easy to lay the pack down and open up the panel to quickly find anything you need. My only gripe is the rope attachments on the outside, it's great that there are straps on the side, but it would be even more secure if there was a single strap on the top to keep the rope in place on the top especially when I'm swinging my pack around . Very comfy as well, to carry, would recommend.

August 12, 2019

I am not a climber and I am in love with this pack

I bought this pack because the ENTIRE bag opens from the back and you cannot lose your items in this bag. I never like having to dig and dig in a pack to find one little thing and the opening solves that problem. I am 5'7 and went with the L/XL and it truly fits perfectly. I probably could've gone for the smaller size but I'd rather ... Read Morehave it a little bigger than too small. It is a bit big for just a day pack but it's great for travel, backpacking, and in the winter for skinning and skiing. All in all, this is a great all around versatile pack.

August 10, 2019

Cragsmith 45L

This is not only a great bag for climbing, but also an awesome 3-7 day travel bag. However, I would like to see the top lid compartment in the smaller version of this bag, the cragsmith 32. The 45 is great for longer days/more gear, but the 32 is a more versatile bag for a variety of situations.

August 10, 2019

Cragsmith 45L

Best backpack for rock climbing ever!

May 10, 2019

Best sport climbing bag ever made!

Perfect for sport climbing gear! The back fully opens up to access all your gear, the top also opens up so can squeeze in extra stuff and pack it down. Top separate compartment for your guidebook and bits and bobs. It has a waist belt with another small zipped compartment on it, which is great for storing car keys or loose change. It has two large ... Read Moreside pockets for your bottle (drink). It has side compression straps which are great for attaching other gear to the outside like a sweater or clip-stick. This bag has been well thought through. Well done Patagonia. The only down-side is the price. A little pricey and I could not find the blue one anywhere in the UK at time of purchase. Patagonia: Please continue to make these perfect bags.

May 10, 2019

Best sport climbing bag ever made!

Perfect for sport climbing gear! The back fully opens up to access all your gear, the top also opens up so can squeeze in extra stuff and pack it down. Top separate compartment for your guidebook and bits and bobs. It has a waist belt with another small zipped compartment on it, which is great for storing car keys or loose change. It has two large ... Read Moreside pockets for your bottle (drink). It has side compression straps which are great for attaching other gear to the outside like a sweater or clip-stick. This bag has been well thought through. Well done Patagonia. The only down-side is the price. A little pricey and I could not find the blue one anywhere in the UK at time of purchase. Patagonia: Please continue to make these perfect bags.

May 10, 2019

Best sport climbing bag ever made!

Perfect for sport climbing gear! The back fully opens up to access all your gear, the top also opens up so can squeeze in extra stuff and pack it down. Top separate compartment for your guidebook and bits and bobs. It has a waist belt with another small zipped compartment on it, which is great for storing car keys or loose change. It has two large ... Read Moreside pockets for your bottle (drink). It has side compression straps which are great for attaching other gear to the outside like a sweater or clip-stick. This bag has been well thought through. Well done Patagonia. The only down-side is the price. A little pricey and I could not find the blue one anywhere in the UK at time of purchase. Patagonia: Please continue to make these perfect bags.

September 17, 2018

Doubles as a great travel/camera bag

I travel 4-5months a year to some interesting places. My wife owns a high end travel agency specializing in very remote, unusual, customized travel. We burn through a lot of luggage as the wear and tear just grinds it down. We try to repair but eventually it needs replacing. I love this new Cragsmith for a bunch of practical reasons. 180 degree ful... Read Morel panel opening to access everything is so much better than just side access. Genius in fact because the opening is at the back next to the shoulder straps.For clothes it means never needing to unpack. For camera gear it means not needing to take remove and balance expensive equipment precariously or in the dust just to find the right lens. Clean lines with no water bottle holder or little pouches makes me so happy. The narrow shape means you can swing your arms all the way back unobstructed. One big gripe I had with the first Patagonia side access backpack was the lack of rigidity for the back panel. It meant items were always sticking into your back unless you were a very organized packer/unpacker. The more rigid structure of this pack is fantastic. I have packed 4 long lenses, a film camera, a digital camera, a Mavic Air and Pro into this pack and it's all snug and secure. As carry on with all my equipment I can open it up for TSA inspection or on board access really easily. Well done Patagonia. This is one of your smartest and best packs ever.

September 3, 2018

Gunks unit

This bag is an absolute unit for carrying my runners, 60m rope, full rack bd rack with doubles from .3 to 3, harness, shoes, waterbottle, guidebook, phone, car keys and wallet! The zipper opening in the back makes accessibility easy. Another plus is being able to climb straight out of the bag which will make the climbing process faster. Patagonia s... Read Morehould rename this pack the Gunk-smith!

August 5, 2018


I use this for trad climbing, mostly cragging and it is perfect. easy to pack and super easy to sort through everything. just throw it down and unzip it and everything is there in front of you. also nice top compartment. honestly its perfect

June 20, 2018

Best pack for everything ever

I bought this a few months ago,and have since used it for both cragging and as a big pack for hiking into base camp for long alpine climbs. It fits everything (double rack + rope + jacket + shoes + harness + guidebook + food + water) and is extremely comfortable and stable with heavy loads. It has all of the right pockets and features that you want... Read More,with sturdy fabric that seems really durable. The only thing I wish they would have added is a rope strap (like on the Cragsmith 35L),for the rare occasion where the rope doesn't fit inside the pack. I've been using an alpine draw clipped to the many attachment points on top for this,which works well. Overall,a spectacular pack. I loved the Cragsmith 35L,and still think that this one is way better.

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