We’re on a mission to change people’s relationship with their stuff. Worn Wear keeps your Patagonia® gear in motion longer—through repair and repurposing—and provides recycling options when repair is no longer viable. Read More

  • The Stories We Hear

    Clothing is more than just something we wear. An article of clothing can help to pinpoint a moment in time, it can stimulate fond memories, it can save a life, it is with us through blood, sweat, tears, laughter, and it is certainly there for our near disasters and our proudest triumphs in life. Patagonia gear is built to last and to be there, time and again, as we adventure throughout our lives. These pieces of clothing have their own story to tell… so, let’s hear them! Read More

  • Reuse/Recycle

    If you own a Patagonia product that’s well beyond repair, please return it to us so we can recycle it into something new, or repurpose what can’t yet be recycled. Read More