• Imanol Yeregi
  • Imanol Yeregi

Imanol Yeregi

Surfing Ambassador


Zumaia, Basque Country, Spain


Zumaia, Basque Country, Spain

At the age of 6, Imanol began surfing and fishing in the waters off Zumaia, a small coastal town in the Basque Country of northern Spain. Through these early experiences, Imanol formed a bond with the sea, one so strong that he says “I feel very attached to the sea, and all the things I do are joined to him.” From a young age, Imanol watched pro surfers Aritz Aranburu and Axi Muniain, who also hail from the Basque region, surfing at Rokaputa, a local surf spot known for delivering stellar waves. “Now catching those big waves is what I like the most,” he says. Imanol is also passionate about fishing and diving because his grandfather was an angler.
Career Highlights
  • Caught first wave when he was 6 years old
  • 2015 Spanish Champion
  • Ninth-place finish at Lacanau Pro
  • Winner of the biggest wave paddle awards in the Basque Country