• Mikey Wier

Mikey Wier

Fly Fishing Ambassador


Amador County, CA


South Lake Tahoe, CA

Mikey lives a double life, which probably explains how he has twice as much fun as everyone else. Sneaking away from his career as pro snowboarder, Mikey spent summers chasing trout, eventually becoming a fulltime fly fishing guide. And while he still rides and guides, as the founder of Burl Productions, he’s fully immersed in the creation of soulful fish films.
Career Highlights
  • 12 years sponsored snowboarder
  • 15 year fly fishing guide
  • 10 year owner of BURL Productions
  • Created FISH EYE Fly Fishing Video Magazine
  • Founding Member of the AEG and Producer of Trout Bum Dairies 1
  • Director of SOULFISH and SOULFISH 2, as well as FISH MODE
  • Current Movie project is CALI RUSH