Worn Wear: If It's Broke, Fix It!

Patagonia Repair
& Care Guides

As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer. The easy-to-follow repair guides on this page were created in partnership with the experts at iFixit. Repairing your Patagonia gear is highly encouraged and will not void our Ironclad Guarantee.

Got a stain? Not sure how to wash a waterproof jacket?
Keep your clothes in top shape with Patagonia Product Care Guides.

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We'll Fix It For You

As a company we take pride in making high-quality stuff that lasts for years and can be repaired, so you don’t have to buy more of it. Our repairs team will restore the functionality of your garment so you don’t have to buy a new one.
Patagonia Product Care Guides

Patagonia Product Care Guide

Treating your Patagonia garments well will ensure they have long and interesting lives. Our Product Care Guides cover everything from fabric care to blood stains to replenishing water repellency.