Native Fish Society
The Native Fish Society works to protect and restore native, wild fish in the Pacific Northwest. We funded its River Stewardship Program, which trained 50 river stewards to monitor and restore rivers.

Wild Trout Trust
The Wild Trout Trust is dedicated to the conservation of wild trout in Britain and Ireland, through the protection and restoration of habitat. We made this grant in support of its Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project .

Trout Conservancy
The Trout Conservancy works to keep wild trout around by giving them what they need: great habitat. It instigates projects that provide lasting benefits, like creating logjams, replacing culverts that block fish passage, and replanting areas along trout streams. Our grant went toward phase one of the group's Climate Change Initiative in the Northern Rockies.

Mattole Salmon Group
This grassroots salmon group is working to save three species of salmonids in northern California’s Mattole watershed by restoring habitat and diverting at-risk fish to temporary holding ponds until river conditions improve. Our grant supported its restoration efforts.

Cal Trout
Cal Trout works to protect and restore trout and the beautiful places they live. Our grant helped the group restore critical habitat and collect data for the recovery of California’s golden trout population.

Pacific Rivers Council
Pacific Rivers Council works to protect and restore rivers, watersheds and native aquatic species. Our grant helped fund its Legacy River Program, which seeks to expand citizen involvement with efforts to protect wild native fish and habitat on the North Umpqua River in Oregon.

Truckee River Watershed Council
TRWC works to protect the water quality and biological resources of the Truckee River watershed. Our grant helped it develop and implement a conservation plan to restore endangered Lahontan cutthroat trout in central Nevada’s Independence Lake watershed.

Wild Salmon Center
The Wild Salmon Center seeks to identify, understand and protect the best wild salmon ecosystems on the Pacific Rim. We made this grant to support its Koppi River Salmon Biodiversity Project in the Khabarovsk region of the Russian Far East.

Takshanuk Watershed Council
This southeast Alaska fisheries group is working to complete water rights reservations for fish and wildlife habitat on a creek near Haines, Alaska. Our grant supported its efforts.

Henry’s Fork Foundation
Henry’s Fork Foundation is working to conserve, restore and protect the fishery, wildlife and aesthetic qualities of the Henry’s Fork watershed. We made this grant to help it produce a documentary film titled “Watershed,” which captured the people and spirit of the region and their pursuit to protect biodiversity and the agrarian nature of the watershed from encroaching development.

Friends of the Environment
Friends of the Environment works to protect the terrestrial and marine environments of Abaco, Bahamas. Our grant helped launch a friends campaign to create a sustainable future for the spiny lobster, whose populations have been decreasing over the last decade.

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust supports research to understand, nurture and enhance healthy bonefish, tarpon and permit populations and the fisheries and cultures that rely on them. Our grant supported its work on behalf of the long-term health of tarpon populations in the Gulf of Mexico, southeastern Atlantic coast, and the Caribbean Sea.

Societa Valsesiana Pescatori Sportivi
Societa Valsesiana Pescatori Sportivi seeks to protect the upper stretches of the river Sesia and mountain lakes of the Dal Monte Rosa and Quarona region of Italy, for the benefit of native trout, blue fin grayling, and char.