Léa Brassy

Surfing Ambassador


Honfleur, Normandy, France


Guéthary, Pays Basque, France

Patagonia Surfing Ambassador Léa Brassy
Surfing drives Léa’s life. She’s constantly on the lookout for the perfect moment, either at home or during her travels, to drop into a wave and ride. Her lifestyle revolves around this quest and all her belongings fit into her Grandfather’s old van. This van is the only home she’s known as an adult, providing shelter during her search for the next hidden break.

Career Highlights

  • Rode her first wave with a bodyboard in Normandy at age 11
  • Received her best Christmas present ever – a surfboard from her parents at age 12
  • Moved to Bretagne, France to attend surfing school when she was 14
  • Started experiencing a self-sufficient, organic approach to life at age 16
  • Studied agriculture in the West Indies (surfed more than studied)
  • Rode her first big wave at Guéthary, France
  • Worked as a nurse when she was 22
  • Made a solo trip around New Zealand at age 23
  • Surfed the cold waters of Northern Norway when she was 24
  • Crossed the Atlantic from France to Greenland
  • Rode her first tube in Chile