EOCA : European Outdoor Conservation Association

Environmental work is most effective when conducted with a dynamic group of peers. Working with other businesses toward a common goal is among the most rewarding of our environmental initiatives.

In 1989, Patagonia co-founded The Conservation Alliance, to encourage other companies in the outdoor industry to give money to environmental organizations and to become more involved in environmental work. This US based organisation now boasts 170 member companies, each of which contributes annual dues to a central fund. Patagonia gives to the alliance each year, and maintains a permanent seat on the board of directors.
More info on: www.conservationalliance.com.

On the same model as the US Conservation alliance, the EOCA : European Outdoor Conservation Association (formerly named EOG Association for Conservation) is an initiative from the European outdoor industry with the objective of protecting wild areas. The outdoor industry recognizes that preserving and protecting the natural environment is a core necessity and raises funds from within the industry to support direct projects, driven by grassroots conservation groups. Founded in 2006, the association has a growing membership, with Patagonia as founding member.
More info on: www.outdoorconservation.eu