Dan Malloy

Surfing Ambassador


Ojai, CA


Meiners Oaks, CA

Patagonia Surf Ambassador Dan Malloy
After almost 20 years of looking for surf around the globe, Dan is now mesmerized by the endless surfing and fishing adventures in his own backyard. He and his wife own and operate (actually, she does most everything, but he is super proud of it) Poco Farm, a four-acre educational farm in the heart of Meiners Oaks, California. His longstanding dream is to see the Matilija Dam get blown to smithereens.

Career Highlights

  • Alternate for the Eddie Aikau big wave event
  • Alternate for the Mavericks Surf Contest
  • Sponsored by Haleiwa Café
  • Featured in Come Hell or High Water
  • Featured in Thicker Than Water
  • Featured in The Present
  • Co-author of Slow Is Fast: On the Road at Home