Can't Find a Product?

All of the products in the current season’s line are shown in our Online Store, but you will not see past-season gear. If you can’t find something on the site, try using the Search, starting with a specific name or term. If the Search does not return the right match (or any at all), it could be that we do not make that product, or that it is not available for the season.

If you find a product on the site, but the size/colour you want is out of stock or not shown, drop us an e-mail on

To find a retailer nearest you, please visit our Find Patagonia page.

Some of our products are not available in Europe, but only on the U.S. website.

If you would like to place an order for one of those items, you can contact US Mail Order service by phone (1-775-747-1992) or fax (1-775-747-6159) and we will be happy to ship it wherever you like. The shipping cost varies with the destination, weight of the package and shipping method: Federal Express (one week, expensive) or Postal Service (one month, less expensive). The customer will be responsible for all duties and customs charges. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX for payment of phone and fax orders. If you are going to order by fax, just select your items online, print out the "My Gear" page and be sure to include your shipping address, billing address, credit card number and expiration date, method of shipping and any second choices. Prices for U.S. products shipped internationally are different from those shown on our Web site. Please contact us by phone or fax for pricing information before placing your order.