Patagonia Trail Running
Luke Nelson experiences a moment of gratitude for some runnable terrain, thirteen hours into the Uinta Traverse. Utah. JARED CAMPBELL

Lessons in Gratitude
By Luke Nelson

Just below the summit I stopped to catch my breath. As I stood there, hands on knees, Jared walked up and asked, “You know what I am feeling?” I took a moment to imagine his answer: Suffering? Discomfort? Torture? Before I could speak, he answered his own question: “Gratitude.”

Bellingham, WA. PARIS GORE
Patagonia Trail Running Ambassador Jeff Browning

Jeff Browning

An endurance coach, ultra athlete and family man, Jeff lives to run in wild places. Recognizing his responsibility to the planet, he also fights to protect these special landscapes. As a designer, Jeff believes that form follows function and gear can always be better, lighter and more dialed; a self-proclaimed tinkerer, he will cut his shoes apart and modify his shorts in an effort to test out new ideas. In addition to adventuring in the mountains, Jeff spends his time chasing three kids, four chickens, two cats and one dog around their organic garden in Bend, Oregon.

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Krissy Moehl, Jeff Browning and Luke Nelson in Valle Chacabuco, Chile. JAMES Q MARTIN
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Morgan Sjogren and Jenn Shelton run into the beauty of the unknown in the French Alps. ANDREW BURR

The Disaster Training Plan
By Morgan Sjogren

When I received my itinerary from Jenn Shelton to run the Tour du Mont Blanc, I took a hard swallow of quickly drying saliva, knowing that my background as a middle-distance track racer (specializing in the 5K) would not prepare me for the 105-mile Tour du Mont Blanc which passes through three countries (France, Italy and Switzerland) and gains 30,000 feet of elevation in the technical terrain of the Alps.