Form follows fishing.

If there’s one sure thing in fly fishing, it’s that gear goes through the wringer: Anglers are going farther to explore untouched fisheries as well as pushing off the beaten path closer to home. No matter where they go, man or woman, they need gear that straight-up works: Waders that fit, boots that stick, clothes that keep the weather out or the sun off—in other words, form follows fishing.
Welcome to Mongolia. Natalie McCoy admires her first taimen ever, and the first of the season, with her husband, Patagonia ambassador Dave McCoy. ANDREW BURR
Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador Alejandro Haro

Alejandro Haro

Alejandro is one of the pioneers of fly fishing for golden dorado in Argentina, a passion that led him to create Juramento Fly Fishing in 1994, based in the small town of El Tunal.

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Jeff Forsee, head guide of Fish Mongolia, helps a young local girl to shore for a fly fishing lesson. EARL HARPER

The Mongolian Pathway to Healthy Rivers
By Ross Purnell

“If you are going to build national interest in protecting taimen, you have to build from the strongholds where they still exist, and you have to show how healthy taimen rivers can improve the economy and the community. Some of the best conservation work going on in Mongolia doesn’t come from NGOs, but from the outfitting businesses who have skin in the game.”

Sometimes fish tales are true: An acrobatic rainbow has Oggy Fox on the run after a long hike in the Patagonia backcountry. Las Pampas, Argentina. BRYAN GREGSON

Patagonia's Wader Lineup

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Yvon Chouinard:Tying the Pheasant Tail
& Partridge

Following up on his essay “Lessons from a Simple Fly,” newly published in Fly Fisherman and Trout & Salmon magazines, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard sits down in his living room to show how he combines just a few simple materials to tie the pheasant tail and partridge soft hackle.

Whether you’ve been tying for years or you’re leaning over the vise for the first time, it’s a pattern that can change the way you think about what makes a truly effective fly.

As the saying goes, begin as you wish to continue. April Vokey lands a monster on day one. ANDREW BURR
As the saying goes, begin as you wish to continue. April Vokey lands a monster on day one. ANDREW BURR